What happens when water meets lemon?

What happens when water meets lemon?

The health benefits of water are already known. But what happens when water meets lemon?
Then, the benefits for our body are multiplied and we are called upon to include a glass of water with lemon in our daily life… 

What does lemon offer us?

- Immune system boost
Lemon is high in vitamin C and ascorbic acid, which strengthen the immune system, fight inflammation, help wounds heal faster and act against colds and flu.

- Digestive system improvement
Helps improve digestion and absorption of nutrients from the foods we consume.

- Liver reinforcement, metabolism activation & detoxification
Lemon improves liver function and helps stimulate metabolism. At the same time, it has diuretic properties, thus enhancing body detoxification. 

- Weight loss
As a result of the proper functioning of our digestive system, the strengthening of the metabolism, but also the fact that lemon causes a feeling of satiety, consumption of lemon also helps us to lose weight. 

- Does good to the blood
Lemon cleanses blood and blood vessels. At the same time, it helps reduce blood pressure. 

- A weapon against cancer
As an alkaline food, lemon is a shield against cancer and kills cancer cells.

- Relief of muscles and joints
Soothes joint and muscle pain.

- Hydration
Lemon hydrates our body to a great extent, thanks to the large amount of electrolytes it contains.

- Stimulates skin health
The vitamin C contained in lemon has anti-aging properties, eliminates pimples and helps heal wounds. In addition, in combination with the antioxidants contained in lemon, it fights free radicals which are responsible for the appearance of wrinkles. 

- Fights stress and depression
Lemon affects our nervous system and - with the potassium and vitamin C it contains - reduces stress and depression.

- Rejuvenates and wakes us up
Still not convinced that you should include a glass of lemon water in your daily routine? Also learn that it can replace your morning coffee! Lemon wakes us up and gives us the necessary stimulation and alertness we need every morning.

Thus, two precious allies of our health join forces for our good. What is very important to pay attention to in order to take advantage of the benefits of water and lemon is their quality. Prefer bottled water or filtered tap water & organic lemons, and… Cheers!

What happens when water meets lemon?1

Photo Credits: www.worthytoknow.com, www.foodworldnews.com