5 reasons you should get your coffee from RAINBOW WATERS:
  1. We bring water and coffee at the same time:

    - One order, one visit, one invoice
    - Combined water and coffee offers
    - Excellent service guaranteed by RAINBOW WATER

  2. You save money:
    - Better prices compared to super markets
    - Offers any time in coffee products
    - No more delivery & take away
    - As a member of our clients’ club, you get special offers
      for the whole range of our products

  3. Free coffee machine and Tassimo beverages:
    At any time of the day, you can enjoy your favorite beverage
    with a simple click on our website!

  4. Variety:
    Όλα τα κορυφαία brands καφέ και ροφημάτων.

  1. Coffee Supplementary Products:
    ugar, milk, cups (biodegradable as well), wooden stirrers, straws etc.

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