Why Choose Bottled Water Coolers

Ergonomic Design

Low electric power consumption

Complying to all hygiene and security standards set by the European Union

Easy to install & transfer

Bottled Water Coolers

The only coolers that make sure that the water that ends up in your glass has the same composition with the bottled water, are the Ebac coolers, because:

They are 100% disinfected every 4 months. All the internal parts that come in contact with water are replaced with new ones. This patented method can only be found in Ebac coolers.

They also have double covered taps, while direct contact with the point where the water runs out is avoided (e.g. Contact with our hands or as we clean the exterior of the cooler) and they eliminate the possibility of contamination by bugs or dirt. 


One of the 5 best waters in the world, with international quality and taste awards: DIONI Water is among the 5 best bottled waters in the world (28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting), while it is constantly winning awards for its unique quality and taste, getting Golden Quality Awards & Superior Taste Awards!

Our very own water spring is located in a region, which according to the National Water Commission has been declared a “Drinking Water Protected Area”.

DIONI water springs from a lush green environment, far away from settlements and any human activity, at a 750-meter altitude in Dodoni, Epirus. We offer it to you, with pride and confidence!


State-of-the-art bottling facilities, among the best in Europe, in a privately owned area of 38,000 square meters, at the center of which is the spring, protected from above-ground and underground elements.

It is bottled right at the water spring, in a fully automated process, so its precious composition can remain unchanged.

420 quality assurance checks every 8 hours, at every stage of the production procedure, high delivery quality standards & delivery to your home in just a few hours.

Rejuvenating for the body and rich in trace elements, easy to digest, suitable for a low-sodium diet, low salt content and balanced taste.

11 reasons

that will convince you to collaborate with Rainbow Waters

  1. 1

    We bottle and exclusively provide the internationally renowned and multi-awarded for its quality and taste, DIONI water

  2. 2

    We use reusable bottles as opposed to PET single-use ones, which are known for chemical migration, with particles leaching into water during production or sun exposure.

  3. 3

    We exclusively provide the Ebac water coolers

  4. 4

    100% disinfection of the cooler every 4 months, with full replacement of the interior parts

  5. 5

    Specialization in products and services that offer clean, safe and healthy drinking water since 1999

  6. 6

    Highly trained personnel, that strictly adheres to the public health rules

  7. 7

    The only company that has organized Customer, Order, Quality, Technical Support and Delivery Service divisions

  8. 8

    Quality certifications by Bureau Veritas for the product's entire life cycle: Bottling, Storage, Delivery, Cooler Disinfection, Customer Service, Technical Support

  9. 9

    The very best delivery network with branches and representatives all over Greece

  10. 10

    More than 400,000 satisfied customers

  11. 11

    After you become a member of our customer Club, you enjoy special offers in all of our products (household water filters, coffee machines, beverages etc.)

By using 18, 9lt returnable bottles we have saved {0} tones of plastic, that correspond to: