Water Filters

Plenty of fresh tap water, for drinking, that washing vegetables and cooking

Top internationally certified water filters. They retain chlorine, bacteria, dirt, rust, asbestos fibers, cysts, etc.

We provide the stand & equipment, as well as the installation and replacement visits every 6 months free of charge


CYST - FF Home Water Filter

  • Ideal for removing parasites, which can be found in lakes, rivers or water tanks
  • It filters off suspended particles, dirt and rust of size 0.5μm (0.0005 millimeters) and larger
  • 3M guarantee & quality
  • For maximum safety

CS- FF Home Water Filter

  • The filter with the biggest sales in Greece!
  • It filters off suspended particles, dirt, and rust of size 5μm (0.005 millimeters) and larger
  • 3M guarantee & quality
  • Ideal for city water supply systems

HOMMY countertop water filtration system

  • Plenty of clean drinking water in your own home
  • Clean water for drinking, vegetable/ fruit washing, cooking
  • It makes your life easier.
  • No operating costs (no electricity needed)
  • Easy to install

Shower water filter “KDF”

  • KDF filters offer safe and hygienic cleanliness. Chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals and fungi that may exist in water, all go away with the KDF filters.
PRIME Reverse Osmosis System

PRIME Reverse Osmosis System

  • For the first time in Greece, the innovative PRIME reverse osmosis system by RAINBOW WATERS! The branded and powerful filtering system, PRIME, for every type of water, is the only one that offers five layers of filtration in just one filter.
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