Reasons for choosing tap water coolers with filters





Ψύκτης νερού χωρίς φιάλες από τη RAINBOW WATERS

Ψύκτης νερού χωρίς φιάλες από τη RAINBOW WATERS

Excellent water quality...

The certified water filters and coolers remove the taste and smell of chlorine in water, as well as sediments found in water. Unlike most coolers, the water is filtered just before it ends up in your glass.

Saving money...

Fixed cost for unlimited water consumption.

As simple as possible...

With one visit and one invoice every 6 months. You don’t have to spend time and effort ordering water. You cannot run out of water. There is no need for bottle storage space. There is no need for bottle replacement every time the water runs out.


Without plastic bottles. No need for restocking trips.

Ebac Tap Water Cooler

Most coolers filter the water before it passes through the cooler. When chlorine is removed, the microbial protection of water stops working. During the time that the water stays in the cooler's storing vessel, bacteria start to grow, which will eventually end up in our glasses.

The only coolers that filter the water just before it is ready to be consumed, are those offered by RAINBOW WATERS!

  • They are installed on a drinking water tap and are a convenient and money-saving choice for an unlimited clean supply of water
  • They include certified 3M water filters that remove the taste and smell of chlorine in water, as well as sediments found in water, according to the NSF/ ANSI 42 standards.
  • They also have double covered taps that prevent the possibility of accidental contamination, while direct contact with the point where the water runs out is avoided.
  • No need for disinfection
  • Made in the UK with modern design and low energy consumption
  • No need for a sewerage system
  • We remind you right on time that your cooler's filter should be replaced, a process that takes place every six months.

11 reasons that will convince you to collaborate with RAINBOW WATERS

  1. 1

    They only tap water coolers that instantly filter water just before you drink it

  2. 2

    Coolers without UV lamps

  3. 3

    Exclusive distribution of the latest generation Ebac water coolers

  4. 4

    3M certified water filters

  5. 5

    Specialization in products and services that offer clean, safe and healthy drinking water since 1999

  6. 6

    Highly trained personnel, that strictly adheres to public health rules

  7. 7

    The only company with organized Customer Support, Orders, Quality, Technical Support, and Distribution Divisions

  8. 8

    Quality certifications by the independent certification body, Bureau Veritas, for the product's full life cycle

  9. 9

    The very best distribution network with branches and sales representatives all over Greece

  10. 10

    More than 400,000 satisfied customers

  11. 11

    You become a member of our customer club and enjoy special offers for our entire product range