For the environment

For Rainbow Waters®, water is its reason of existence.  This means that its respect for nature and water is the core principle of its philosophy and all its activities.  In order to reduce its carbon footprint on the atmosphere, which directly affects the earth’s water reservoirs, it has optimised its distribution system and has successfully adopted a reusable water bottle management system and bottle recycling program.

By reusing bottles, it saves an enormous amount of plastic which if produced would burden both the environment and the water. One need only consider the following:

- the production of a plastic water bottle requires at least twice the amount of water than that contained in the bottle

- each 20 kg CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, requires the planting of 1 tree for its absorption

Distribution System Optimisation

We reduce CO2 emissions by creating more efficient distributions. We have managed to reduce the required number of delivery vehicles by 18% and fuel consumption by 22%.


  • All the electrical appliances that we use are of at least class A energy efficiency
  • We have minimised the use of paper (printing) in the office with the addition of intranet, e-mail and e-fax
  • In 2008, we adopted a special water reduction recycling system for washing the delivery vehicles


Except for the water bottles, we recycle water coolers, electrical appliances, computers, plastic cups, metal, electrical / electronic parts, batteries, ink cartridges, bulbs and of course stationery (office paper, cardboard, packing materials).

At the same time, RAINBOW WATERS is a member of the Collective System for the Alternative Management of the Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment “APPLIANCES RECYCLING S.A.”.

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