Bottled Water Small Dioni 0.5 lt 24-pack

  • Small Dioni Water 0.5 lt in a convenient package 12 and 24 bottles package, so you can have it with you anytime, at the office, at work, at the gym or when going on a walk.
  • Ideal for business venues and events.
  • Ideal for sports events and outdoor activities.
  • Place your order with one click & it comes to your doorstep
  • Bottled Water Small Dioni 1.5 lt (6-pack)
  • Small Dioni Water 1.5 ml, in a big but convenient 6 bottle pack, so you can quench your thirst any time of the day.
  • Choose the classic six-bottle package that covers your every need at home or when you are on vacation.
  • Place your order and we bring it to your doorstep.

    5,20€ Incude Vat (24 pcs)

    (0,22€ per pcs)