Οικιακό Φίλτρο Νερού CYST-FF

CS- FF Home Water Filter

  • The filter with the most sales in Greece!
  • Retains suspended particles, dirt, rust larger than 5 mm(0.005 millimetres)
  • 3MTM guarantee & quality
  • Ideal for city water supply

Filter Lifespan

6 months

Entry / Exit


Filter height

30.5 cm

Filter diameter

8.26 cm

Maximum Flow Rate

7.57 litres/min

Filtration Capacity in Litres

7,500 litres

Maximum Operating Temperature

38.5 C

Maximum Operating Pressure

125psi (862kPA)

Water filter Payment Methods:

  • Cash on delivery (€2.50)
  • Credit card (3 interest-free installments)

Water filter shipping cost to your site:



Rest of Greece





Cost of home filter’s head assembly


Free of charge * 

Cost of home water filter



Installation costs



Total cost



  • Prices include VAT 24%
  • * Loan: The head of the home filter belongs to the company. It is loaned to the customer for the duration of the collaboration
  • ** Within the company’s distribution network (installation materials included)
Οικιακά Φίλτρα Nερού από τη RAINBOW WATERS

Οικιακά Φίλτρα Nερού από τη RAINBOW WATERS

Would you trust water filters of questionable quality and origin?
To be sure that you are always drinking pure water, select the certified 3MTM Activated Carbon Home Water Filters from Rainbow Waters®


RAINBOW WATERS® continues to care for you even after installation of your filter:

  • Continuous technical support and prompt service
  • Filter replacement reminders every 6 months
  • No labour charge for filter replacement

The 3M AP-EASY CS-FF Activated Carbon Home Water Filters:

  • Remove 74.8% of the chlorine (taste and odour)
  • Retain dust, dirt and suspended particles larger than 5μm
  • They are certified by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42
  • They feature multi-stage filtration for greater safety
  • Easily placed under the sink. They are hidden and do not require a separate tap
  • They filter drinking water in homes (not recommended for other uses)
  • Maintenance-free, replaced every 6 months
  • They do not reduce the flow of water from the faucet
  • They feature a flow stop valve to avoid leaks
  • 3MTM guarantee & quality
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