Our company may process personal data of natural persons that have been transmitted to it within the framework of the contractual relationship between us, always in accordance with the requirements of GDPR and law 4624/2019, such as details of the legal representative of the client, name department manager, name of the person in charge of receipt, personal emails and telephone numbers of employees of your company, etc. The processing of their data, whenever necessary, will be carried out only for the purposes of proper execution of contractual commitments, identification of Customer tax information, the defense of the legal rights of the Company and the Customer, the compliance of the Company with the existing legal provisions, the promotion of products and services (Marketing) to the Customer, the statistical scientific market research and the public relations and other auxiliary functions as well as for the management complaints. For the above purposes, IFRS may be sent to public, supervisory and regulatory authorities as required by law, to companies providing services in the areas of debt collection, credit control, data verification, as well as to lawyers, bailiffs and notaries. In the exercise of its duties, the Company declares that in addition to the above public authorities and bodies, it may disclose the data to any third party that processes on behalf of the Company, with which the Company is contractually affiliated. It is self-evident that the Contractor at his request may become aware of all the authorities, bodies and third parties in general to whom his details have been disclosed. The Company declares that in no case is it responsible for the further use of the data of the Contractor by the organizations and bodies mentioned above (mainly of the State) and to which the data are transmitted, but which it informs, during the transmission of such data. , that these data are personal and therefore must comply with the specific obligations and rights required by law and in particular the General Regulation on Data Protection 679/2016. The IFRS will not be transmitted to Third Countries.

The personal data collected is kept:

-For the time required to fulfill the purposes of each contract, as well as the individual processing purposes, as described above.

- For as long as their compliance with labor, tax, insurance and administrative legislation (national and European) is required.

- For as long as it is necessary to defend all kinds of rights of the Company before the Courts, subject to any more specific provisions in the current legislation regarding the retention period of the data under processing. The subject of the rights has the right to request access to the IFRS held by the Company, to request their correction or updating, to request information on the purpose and manner of their collection and processing, their recipients, their retention period, the their origin, as well as to obtain information on the existence of any automated decision-making process, including profile analysis. The subject also has the right to request the deletion or restriction of the processing of IFRS if he disputes their correctness or that the collection and processing is legal. Finally, the rights subject is entitled to file a complaint to the supervisory authority. (http://www.dpa.gr/)

 For any information regarding the processing of IFRS by the Company, as well as in case the subject wishes to exercise the above rights, in accordance with the requirements of law, he can contact the Company and specifically at tel .: 210 8000488, fax: 210 8003362, e-mail: gdpr@rainbowwaters.gr and to the company that is responsible for the Protection of Personal Data of our company, and specifically to tel. 2103310240, e-mail: kepesoglou.dpo@taseism.gr

The Contractor hereby acknowledges that it has become aware of the above terms and procedures in order to enable the performance of the contract. Recognizes that this obligation of the Company derives from other contractual or legal obligations.

The Customer expressly consents to the sending of newsletters, brochures, greeting messages and informative emails of the Company to his e-mail address as well as to the address which he has stated above. The customer also agrees to receive telephone calls for the purpose of serving the promotions of the company but also for the purpose of managing complaints. In case you do not wish to send such newsletters, newsletters or other promotions of the company but also for the purposes of managing complaints. In case he does not wish to send such information leaflets, newsletters or other promotional activities for any reason, he has the right to withdraw this statement through the Company's website www.rainbowaters.gr and in the field "Contact Form" and the Company's email info@rainbowwaters.gr or by phone at 210 8000 488 | 801 11 34 34 34