Cookies Policy

What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are small data files that a website stores on your computer in order to recognize the specific browser used during your browsing in different websites. The device IDs are collected by the available system elements. Those may include IP addresses, user information (browser version, type and operating system version) or identifiers created by devices, such as Apple identifiers for advertisers, Apple identifiers for suppliers, Android identifiers by Google or advertising identifiers by Google Play Store. Cookies and similar technologies can be used for storing information, such as the identifiers and user preferences.

The use of cookies helps our website remember information concerning your visit, collecting useful data about your specific search preferences. Thus, the browsing experience will be improved the next time you visit our website. In order to offer our different services, our company and service providers collect information about traffic data, IP addresses, your device’s software, the type of server that you use while browsing, as well as information about the way that you use the website (e.g. The day and time of log in and log off) recorded during you browsing on the website.

Moreover, cookies helps us see the performance and traffic of our website, improving its presentation and content, according to the preferences of our visitors.

Which cookies do we use?

The Cookies that we use are focused on browsing (strictly necessary cookies), on performance analysis (analytics/statistics cookies) and personalized advertisement (targeting/ advertisement cookies). You can check the analytical description of each category below, as well as the list of the cookies in each category.

The strictly necessary cookies are crucial for the website's operation and cannot be disabled in our systems. The settings of cookies are adjusted based on your activity, regarding a service request, such as the settings of your privacy preferences, the sign in process or the form completion processes. You can set your browser to block or give a warning about those specific cookies, but some parts of your location may not work in this case.

Statistics/performance cookies collect information about the way that the visitors use the website, such as the pages that they visit more often and if there are error messages in those websites. They are used for the improvement of the website's performance. The website uses the Google Analytics service for statistical reasons.

Targeting/advertisement cookies are used for providing content, that is most relevant to your interests. They can be used for targeted advertisement and/or offers, for limitations in advertisement displays or the calculation of the performance of an advertising campaign. They usually are used for remembering your visit to a website.

What happens if you don’t wish to use cookies?

At any time, you can change your cookies preferences, clicking Cookies Settings.

You can adjust the settings of the browsing software to block all cookies or to indicate when a cookie is sent. However, there are specific functions or website services that may not work properly without those specific cookies.

You can manage/delete cookies any time. You can find more information here: aboutcookies.org.

Delete cookies from your device

You can delete all cookies from your device by deleting your browsing history of your browser. This way, all cookies from websites you visited will be deleted.

Keep in mind that some of the saved information may get deleted (e.g. Saved sign in information, website preferences).

Management of website specific cookies

For more analytical checks on website specific cookies, check the cookies setting and the protection of personal data in the default browser.

Blocking cookies

Most modern browsers give the choice of adjusting the settings, to block cookies from installing on your device. In this case, you may need to manually adjust some of your preferences every time you visit a website. Moreover, some of the services and functions may not work at all (e.g. Sign in to your profile).

More information about the different kinds of cookies is available on https://www.allaboutcookies.org. If you wish to learn about how you can control or remove cookies, you can visit the website www.AboutCookies.org.


If you have questions about the Policy or about the actions of the company in general, you can contact us via the following email: gdpr@rainbowwaters.gr.