Dioni Water in a 18.9lt & 11lt package

  • One of the 5 best waters in the world with international quality and taste awards.

  • It rejuvenates the body, it is rich in trace elements, easily digested, low-sodium and with a low salt content.

  • It gushes out of our very own water spring at an altitude of 750 meters in the wider region of Dodoni, Epirus, which according to the National Water Commission has been declared as a “Drinking Water Protected Area”.

  • It is bottled right at the water spring, in a fully automated process, with 420 quality assurance checks in place, so its precious composition can remain unchanged

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Bottled Water Small Dioni 0.5 lt 24-pack

  • Small Dioni Water 0.5 lt in a convenient package 12 and 24 bottles package, so you can have it with you anytime, at the office, at work, at the gym or when going on a walk.
  • Ideal for business venues and events.
  • Ideal for sports events and outdoor activities.
  • Place your order with one click & it comes to your doorstep
  • Bottled Water Small Dioni 1.5 lt (6-pack)
  • Small Dioni Water 1.5 ml, in a big but convenient 6 bottle pack, so you can quench your thirst any time of the day.
  • Choose the classic six-bottle package that covers your every need at home or when you are on vacation.
  • Place your order and we bring it to your doorstep.

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