Dioni Water in a 18.9lt & 11lt package

  • One of the 5 best waters in the world with international quality and taste awards.

  • It rejuvenates the body, it is rich in trace elements, easily digested, low-sodium and with a low salt content.

  • It gushes out of our very own water spring at an altitude of 750 meters in the wider region of Dodoni, Epirus, which according to the National Water Commission has been declared as a “Drinking Water Protected Area”.

  • It is bottled right at the water spring, in a fully automated process, with 420 quality assurance checks in place, so its precious composition can remain unchanged

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One of the 5 best waters in the world International quality and taste awards: DIONI water is among the 5 best bottled waters in the world (28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting) while it is constantly distinguished worldwide for its quality and taste, winning Gold Quality Awards & Superior Taste Awards!

Our source is located in an area that has been declared as "Protected Drinking Water Area for human consumption" according to a decision of the National Water Commission.

DIONI water gushes in a verdant environment, away from settlements and any human activity, at an altitude of 750 meters in Dodoni of Epirus. We offer it to you with confidence and pride!


State-of-the-art bottling facilities of the most modern in Europe, in a privately owned area of ​​38 acres, in the center of which, our source is protected from above ground and underground factors.

It is bottled directly at the source fully automated, in order to keep its valuable composition unchanged.

420 quality controls per 8 hours in all stages of the production process, high quality standards of delivery & delivery to your place within a few hours

Refreshing for the body rich in trace elements, digestible, suitable for a diet low in sodium, low in salts and balanced taste