Ψύκτης Εμφιαλωμένου Νερού EBAC Emax | Εμφιαλωμένο Νερό Διώνη

EBAC Emax Bottled Watercooler

The water cooler is also available with an 11 liter bottle. See him here 

  • Designed to protect from contaminations
  • 100% sanitisation
  • Revolutionary water cooler technology
  • Manufactured in England by EBAC Watercoolers
  • Reliable transportation and installation of the watercoolers
  • Timely supply of water bottles
  • We set specific bottle delivery days and we call you the day before to take your order
  • Every 6 months we call you to remind you of your cooler’s sanitization appointment
  • Continuous technical support and prompt service
  • Customer loyalty program

Dimensions (with the bottle): Height 1380 mm. x Width 330 mm. x Depth 290 mm

Ergonomic design

Lower energy consumption

Meets all standards

Easy installation

Ebac water coolers are the only coolers that ensure that the water that reaches your cup has the exact same consistency as in the bottle, because:

  • They are fully disinfected every 6 months with full replacement of all internal parts that come into contact with the water with new ones. This is a method implemented exclusively at Ebac coolers.
  • They feature duplex dispense nozzles, which prevent our direct contact with the water dispense point (e.g. our hands or as we are cleaning the exterior of the cooler) and eliminate the possibility of contamination from insects, dirt, etc.

ADVANTAGES of EBAC Emax cooler


The EBAC bottled water coolers undergo sanitization every 6 months according to the Greek and European standards. During the sanitization of the cooler, all of the interior water contact parts are fully replaced (water container, tubes, taps) with new ones that are manufactured in a sterile environment. This disinfection method is the only one that ensures 100% sanitization and is unique for Greek standards.

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Totally Clean Water

The cooler tank consists of a disposable closed circuit made of PET material (non-porous material that does not allow the penetration of oxygen). Thus, the water in the tank is fully protected from the air, which eliminates the risk of bacterial growth. 

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Bacterial-Retention Air Filter

Only the EBAC watercoolers have a 0.5 microns air filter (does not allow the penetration of particles with a volume in excess of 25 micrometers) that filters the ambient air, which enters into the bottle.

Ergonomic Design

The water dispense levers are positioned at a high level, keeping your body upright without needing to bend over. 

Duplex dispense nozzles

Only EBAC bottled watercoolers have duplex dispense nozzles, which prevent the consumer’s direct contact with the water dispense point, thus preventing water contamination. 

Integral Plastic Cup Holder

The plastic cups are placed upside down in the special holder, so that consumers do not touch the rim of the cup, thus preventing contamination.

Easy Installation and Transportation

The EBAC bottled water coolers are easily positioned in any location as long as there is a socket and they are equipped with wheels for easy and safe transportation.

Hedge Hog Spike

The edge of the cooler tube is designed to pierce the bottle label instead of pushing it towards the inside of the water bottle, in case you forget to remove it. 


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