Ήρθε ο πιο λεπτός & κομψός ψύκτης νερού, με βραβευμένο design!

Slim Cool Cooler

  • The finest cooler with an award-winning design
  • Ideal for any home or small business space
  • 100% disinfected
  • Instead of 10-liter disposable bottles, 11-liter returnable bottles are used (10% more product and plastic saving)

  • Built-in handle on the bottles for easy installation
  • Responsible transport and installation of water coolers

  • Water bottle timely refill

  • We set specific delivery days and we call you the day before so you can place your order

  • Every 6 months we call you to remind you of your appointment for disinfecting your cooler

  • Continuous technical support and prompt service

  • Customer benefits program

  • Dimensions (including the bottle): Height 1360 mm x Width 200 mm x Depth 250 mm

  • Base dimensions: Height 20 mm x Width 304 mm x Depth 304 mm

Ergonomic Design

Low energy consumption

Compliant with all standards

Easy to install

Ebac water coolers are unique for ensuring the water quality in every cup will be the same as in the bottle, because:

  • They are 100% disinfected every 6 months with all the internal parts that come in contact with water replaced with new ones. This patented method can only be found in Ebac coolers.

  • They also have double covered taps, while direct contact with the point where the water runs out is avoided (e.g. Contact with our hands or as we clean the exterior of the water cooler) and they eliminate the possibility of contamination by bugs or dirt etc.

Advantages of the “Slim Cool” Cooler

Slim Cool coolers are disinfected every 6 months, according to Greek and European standards. During the disinfection of the water cooler, all internal parts of the cooler that come into contact with water (water tank, tubes, taps) are completely replaced with new ones that are manufactured in a sterile environment. This method of maintenance is the only one that ensures 100% hygiene and is exclusive for Greece.

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Micron Air Filter
Only EBAC water coolers are equipped with a 0.5 microns air filter (no particles of a volume dimension greater than 25 millionths of a metre are allowed to pass through), which filters the ambient air that enters the bottle.

Pure Clean Water
The water cooler tank consists of a closed, disposable circuit made of PET material (non-porous material that does not allow oxygen to pass through it). Thus, the water in the tank is fully protected from air, which eliminates the risk of bacterial growth.

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Easy to install and transfer
EBAC's bottled water coolers are easy to place anywhere in the room as long as there is an electrical outlet, while they have wheels for moving them easily and safely.

Ergonomic Design
The water supply switches are conveniently located so as to keep you from bending over.

Double-covered Taps
Only EBAC bottled water coolers have double-covered taps, which prevent direct contact between the consumer and the point where the water flows and therefore prevent possible water contamination.

Heated Water Collection Tank for Unused Filtered Water
Any drops of water that drip out of your cup as it fills up end up in a heated tank, where they safely evaporate.

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Integrated Container for Storing Plastic Cups
Plastic cups are placed in a special storing container with their rim facing downwards, so that the consumer does not touch the cup's rime with their hand and the risk of contamination is reduced.

Hedge Hog Spike
The tip of the water cooler hose is designed to pierce the bottle label instead of pushing it towards the inside of the water bottle, in case you forget to remove it.

One of the 5 best waters in the world with international quality and taste awards: DIONI Water is among the 5 best bottled water in the world (28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting), while it is constantly winning awards for its unique quality and taste, getting Golden Quality Awards & Superior Taste Awards! 

Our very own water spring is located in a region, which according to the National Water Commission has been declared a “Drinking Water Protected Area”. 

DIONI water springs out in a lush green environment, far away from settlements and any human activity, at a 750 meter altitude in Dodoni, Epirus. We offer it to you, with pride and confidence!


State-of-the-art bottling facilities among the best in Europe, in a privately owned area of 38,000 square meters, at the center of which is the spring, protected from above-ground and underground elements.

It is bottled right at the water spring, in a fully automated process, so its precious composition can remain unchanged.

420 quality assurance checks every 8 hours, in every stage of the production procedure, high delivery quality standards & delivery to your home in just a few hours.

Rejuvenating for the body and rich in trace elements, easy to digest, suitable for a low-sodium diet, low salt content and balanced taste