The Best Service

Individualized approach

Once you contact us, one of our specialized partners will help you choose the appropriate clean water solution that suits your needs.

Free provision of water cooler &  water filter head

The water coolers and the water filter heads are supplied free of charge throughout the course of our collaboration.

Free shipment and installation

Our distributors deliver the product you have chosen to your site free of charge; they install it and explain its operation to you in detail.

After sales service

Our team of professionals is always by your side, throughout our collaboration, in order to meet all your needs.

Our people are always willing to assist you with anything you need, promptly responding to all requests.

Strict scheduling for regular supply

Our highly trained staff, by way of an algorithm, calculates your water needs, so you are never thirsty!

We set specific delivery days, so you know when you will receive your order. Our orders department will you call one day in advance to take your order.

Thanks to our commitment to proper scheduling for a regular supply, you will rest assured that you will never run out of water.

Reminder and free sanitization works

In order to always drink clean and healthy water, every 4 months we replace all parts of the cooler that come into contact with water with new ones (sanitization). In the case of water filters, we replace the filter every 6 months.

We call you in order to arrange our appointment and we provide these services free of charge.

Discounts and special customer privileges

Water filter customers that introduce a new customer to our company, will receive a 50% discount off their next water filter purchase

Moreover, special offers and privileges are offered to our customers through the Rain Bonus program.

Read more about introducing a new customer

Also, through the Rain Bonus program, special offers and privileges are provided to our customers.

Quality Certifications

At Rainbow Waters® we can safely guarantee that the products and services we offer, from the bottling of water to the systematic management of the products, meet the quality and safety requirements of Greek and International standards.

In 2005, Rainbow Waters® was the first company in the industry to be certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 by the independent certification body BUREAU VERITAS.

Today, the Quality Management System implemented by the company has been extended to meet international quality standard requirements in terms of the distribution, disposal and sanitization of water coolers, as well as the bottling and sale of bottled water.

Meanwhile, the bottling plant and all the storage facilities are subject to strict annual controls that ensure compliance with Greek and European quality and hygiene standards. The bottling processes are certified according to ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 standards.

In full implementation of its Work Safety and Environmental Protection policy, Rainbow Waters® also implements a certified Occupational Safety Management system according to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

Moreover, as an active member of the European Bottled Watercooler Association (EBWA), Rainbow Waters® observes the highest standards of European quality and hygiene systems.

Continuous recertifications confirm the high level of quality of the products and services that the company offers in the water cooler industry, and the fact that Rainbow Waters® focuses on the ongoing improvement of the processes and its customers’ overall satisfaction.

As the No.1 water cooler and home water filter company in Greece, Rainbow Waters® is committed to maintaining the high quality standards that it has set for the best and immediate service of the people who have placed their trust in the company

100% Disinfection of Water Coolers

The most advanced Sanitization

There are numerous alternative watercooler sanitization/disinfection methods e.g. chemical cleaning, ozonation, UV light, steam. However, none of these provide 100% disinfection, because there will always be spots which favor rapid bacterial growth if all the water cooler parts that come into contact with water are not replaced. Moreover, in the case of water coolers using a UV lamp for their antibacterial protection, many times its bulb burns out resulting in the cooler not having any antibacterial protection.

In the case of the Ebac bottled water cooler, all the parts that come into contact with the water are fully replaced (water container, tubes, taps) with new ones that are manufactured in a sterile environment. Every 4 months, technicians from Rainbow Waters visit the location of the water cooler and with the highest standards of hygiene (work uniforms, sterile medical gloves, health booklet) replace all its interior parts. It is the only way we can be sure that the cooler has been disinfected 100% every time..

Regular sanitization of watercoolers is a national and a European requirement. According to the EFET regulations (see Guidelines for Good Hygienic Practice for bottled water for use in water coolers), the water cooler distributor must sanitise and disinfect the water cooler, since the absence of chlorine in bottled water makes it susceptible. Moreover, according to Watercoolers Europe (WE), the only regulatory body of this industry, all bottled water coolers must undergo sanitization every 4 months.

Strict Storage & Distribution Standards

How is the quality of the storage and distribution of bottled water and water coolers ensured?

Each company that distributes bottled water for water coolers must hold a legal Operating License for the storage and distribution of bottled water and for the sanitization and distribution of water coolers. The bottling plant’s Operating License does not suffice. The same applies to all quality certificates.

At Rainbow Waters®, the transport, storage and distribution of bottled water from the bottling plant to the local storage areas and ultimately to your site, is in compliance with all international and Greek legislative requirements and EFET directives. The Dioni water bottles are always transported in closed trucks-vehicles

(approved for water transfer) and are always stored in approved, closed health-regulated warehouses. Distributors that deliver the water to you belong to the permanent staff of Rainbow Waters®, they are continuously trained and they all have a health booklet.

Relevant standards apply for the sanitization, storage and transportation of water coolers. For example, coolers are serviced and stored in specially designated areas. We monitor each cooler via its serial number, to ensure its smooth operation and to ensure that it is always sanitised so you can always enjoy healthy water. In addition, our software allows us to estimate your bottled water needs, and with a fleet of over 85 vehicles we can promptly supply you.

We have analysed all the possible points and risks during transportation, storage and distribution of the bottled  water (HACCP study) and the water coolers, and we can offer certified assurance of the quality during every process.

Declaration of Quality Policy & Consumption Safety of Corporate Services & Products