Water helps prevent cancer

Water helps prevent cancer

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent cancer

Water is known to be a source of life and offers a number of key benefits to human health, including the prevention of serious diseases such as cancer. According to the American Dietetic Association, consuming 8 glasses of water a day reduces the chance of developing bladder cancer by 50% as abundant water consumption contributes to the immediate elimination of potentially carcinogenic substances from the bladder. In addition, intake of enough water helpsprevent colon cancer by 45%, and can significantly reduce the incidence of breast cancer.

It is important to note that consumption of plenty of clean water and detoxifying drinks (such as green or black organic tea) on a daily basis contributes significantly -along with the consumption of organic foods rich in fiber and antioxidants- to detoxifying the body, a process necessary for cancer prevention.

The importance of consuming perfectly clean water

Think of a plant that is weak and in need of a fertilizer. If fertilizer nutrients are added but contaminated water is used for watering, the plant will not only fail to regain its health, but its condition is likely to worsen. In the same way, the human body needs water that is perfectly clean and safe in order to be supported, prevent serious diseases and help in their treatment. In fact, in the case of cancer, based on numerous studies, it has been observed that some substances found in impure water have a carcinogenic effect. 

Chlorine, for example, which is added to drinking water to kill pathogens, very often creates chemical compounds (chlorine derivatives) that are harmful to health. These substances increase the risk of cancer of the liver, kidneys and, most often, of the bladder.

Safe and clean water is essential not only for drinking but also for its use in washing food and kitchen utensils, cooking and bathing. When taking a shower, the skin absorbs any dangerous chemicals in the water while at the same time, during our stay in the shower, we inhale them as they evaporate.

Numerous studies have been carried out to find effective and at the same time affordable ways of purifying water from the dangerous substances it contains (e.g. boiling, reverse osmosis, filtration).

The use of activated carbon filters is considered the most effective method of water purification.