Detoxification: the A-Ζ of wellness

Detoxification: the A-Ζ of wellness

Sometimes we all feel the need to be renewed externally, but also internally. We want to eliminate whatever weighs on us and be refreshed. Therefore, a good detoxification is the solution to expel toxins from our body so that our cells can be renewed at the right pace. Through the various excretory organs and mechanisms of our body, it is in a constant, natural process of detoxification; however, the current lifestyle and diet and all kinds of toxic chemicals that exist in the environment, unfortunately slow down this natural process of body cleansing. We can reinforce it, by following a proper diet and consuming plenty of clean water!

Healthy eating alone is not enough!

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low fat and avoiding red meat contributes to natural detoxification, but without consuming the right amount of water, it is not enough! This is because following a healthy eating plan we get a large amount of fiber which, if we do not consume plenty of water, will lead to constipation. Abundant consumption of clean (bottled or filtered) water is the most important factor for the proper detoxification of our body.

Detoxifying our liver and kidneys.

The liver and kidneys are the main organs of detoxification (they are directly connected) and require a large amount of water to function properly. The renal system functions as a "cleansing unit" that eliminates all unnecessary and dangerous substances from the blood. Adequate amount of water helps kidneys filter the waste of our body and, thus, liver can focus on the elimination of its own toxins and work at maximum efficiency. In addition, water “cleanses” the liver and helps it eliminate toxins through the skin - through sweat and intestines. A few drops of lemon and a slice of lemon in lukewarm water stimulates the gallbladder and liver and thus helps eliminate toxins and rejuvenates us naturally! However, if you have a hypotension problem pay attention to lemon, because it can lower blood pressure levels. Otherwise, start your day with this drink, lemon is rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radicals and protects the liver helping it eliminate all toxins.

Beware of dehydration!

There are of course other natural ingredients to combine with water, apart from lemon. Cinnamon and mint in fresh water can keep us hydrated. Even a mild dehydration prevents the proper detoxification of our body and should be prevented. If you forget to consume water you can correct this bad habit by planning the amount of water you need to drink daily. Other beverages, such as coffee, tea, and carbonated beverages, contain water, but are not preferred for detoxification because they contain caffeine.

Extra activities for the elimination of toxins always in combination with plenty of water!

Our body also has the ability to eliminate toxins from other parts of our body, such as: intestine, lungs, skin and bladder. Exercise helps improve blood circulation, promotes bowel motility and eliminates fluids through sweating. Also, twenty minutes of sauna help our body eliminate fluids that it has retained through sweat. However, if you do not have access to a sauna, take a warm bath using a natural sponge. It helps your skin eliminate dead cells, deep cleanses and stimulates blood circulation. Here too, however, we must not forget the importance of water. If you feel tired or weak, it will be due to lack of water. Always have a bottle of water with you and do not wait to get thirsty to refill it. Excessive consumption of clean water will contribute significantly to the hydration of your body and the elimination of toxins.

Useful tips to consume more water

  • Teach yourself to consume at least one glass of water every 2 hours at work.
  • Make sure you have water with you so that wherever you are you can take a sip any time of the day. Leave water bottles in strategic places, such as next to the bed, computer and TV.
  • You will consume more water if you keep it cold!


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