Water coolers for bottled water and household water filters in Kalamata

The RAINBOW WATERS’ branch store in Kalamata was created to enable the residents of the wider region (Messini, Thouria, Megalopoli, Tripoli, Tegea, Kyparissia, Meligala, Kalo Nero, Filiatra, Gargalianoi, Marathopoli, Vasiliko, Kopanaki, Methoni, Koroni, Petalidi, Chrani, Logga, Finikounta, Finikounta, Finikounta, Rizomylos, Pylos, Sparta etc.) to enjoy clean, healthy drinking water with:

  • Bottled water coolers with the multi-awarded water, DIONI
    (The only coolers that are 100% disinfected every 4 months)

  • Tap water coolers with filters, no use of bottles
    (The most money saving way for unlimited clean water)

  • Certified water filters for domestic use installed on the kitchen faucet
    (For unlimited healthy water, not only for drinking, but also for cooking)

Moreover, the company offers coffee and drinks by top brands, as well as coffee capsules and Tassimo beverages, while providing the Tassimo coffee machine to its clients for free.

The RAINBOW WATERS branch store in Kalamata is located in Aristomenous & G. Papandreou street, Messini.

Contact number for call service in Greece: 801 11 34 34 34

Try the bottled water coolers with DIONI water for free
Try the tap water coolers with filters, no use of bottles
Try the tap water filters for domestic use for free