Descaling the Tassimo coffee machine

Descaling the Tassimo coffee machine

With regular descaling the Tassimo coffee machine will remain in excellent condition so that it can continue brewing your favorite, high-quality beverages. 

The Tassimo machine alerts you with a red light when descaling is needed. This is displayed with the "Descaling required" LED. If this LED lights up, you must descale your machine without delay, as it may otherwise be damaged or the quality of the beverage may be affected. The red light starts flashing when no descaling has taken place after the preparation of 20 drinks.

  • In the case of very hard water, increased steam or divergent beverage quantity, descale the machine as soon as possible.
  • Do not drink liquids
  • Never use vinegar or other vinegar-based products
  • Under no circumstances should you stop the descaling program

Run the descaling program:

  1. Remove the water tank of the Tassimo machine
  2. Remove the Service T-DISC from the compartment on the rear side of the machine
  3. Fill the water tank up to the descaling mark (0.5l), pour in half the amount of the descaling powder from the sachet and stir.
  4. Place the water tank back on your TASSIMO machine, as usual. 
  5. Place a suitable container with a min capacity of 500ml under the beverage outlet.
  6. Insert the Service T-DISC onto the brew head with the bar code facing down (be careful to center the T-DISC tongue in the front opening). Then close the brew head. 
  7. Start the descaling program by holding the start / pause button for at least 5 seconds. As soon as you release the button, the machine automatically starts the descaling process. During the process, the "Descaling required" LED flashes. 
    The descaling program lasts about 20 minutes.
    The descaling liquid passes through the device in multiple phases and flows into the collection container until the water tank is emptied. 
    Caution: Do not drink the contents of the collection container. 
    There is always a remaining amount of water in the water tank.
  8. When the status LED and the "Descaling required" LED stop flashing, the descaling process is finished. 
    Cleaning process:
    Empty the container in the sink and place it back under the beverage outlet. 
    Rinse the water tank thoroughly and fill it with clean water until the max mark. 
    Then place the water tank again on the Tassimo machine. 
  9. Open and close the brew head (the Service T-DISC remains onto the T-DISC slot).
  10. Press the start / pause button to perform the cleaning procedure.
    A quantity of water will drop into the collection container.
  11. Empty the container in the sink and place it back under the beverage outlet. 
    Important: Perform steps 10 and 11 four times!
    The Tassimo machine has been descaled and cleaned successfully. 
  12. Open the brew head and remove the Service T-DISC. Store the Service T-DISC in its case and the quick instructions on the back of the machine. Also save the remaining descaling powder to use it the next time you perform the descaling process. 
    The Tassimo machine is ready for use.

For any clarifications, please contact the Sales Department of Rainbow Waters®: +30 210 8000 488, 801 11 34 34 34.