The annual inspection was completed with success

The annual inspection was completed with success

n 25/2/19, the annual inspection of RAINBOW WATERS’ Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards was successfully conducted by global certification body, Bureau Veritas.

Certified procedures and the sanitary management of the water coolers are strictly necessary in order to get a glass of truly fresh water, as the water’s high quality alone is not sufficient.

RAINBOW WATERS is the only Greek company that controls the entire product cycle, since it also bottles the water that it distributes through its water coolers. In this way, it maintains absolute control over the bottling, storage, distribution and disinfection of the watercoolers as well as customer service.


Why is proper disinfection of watercoolers so necessary in order for us to drink fresh water?

Common disinfection methods for bottled water coolers (cloths, steam, ozone, chemicals) lead to bacterial residues, which spread rapidly and pollute the water. Consequently, such practices don’t disinfect water coolers.

The only method that can ensure complete elimination of the risk of bacterial pollution of the water is disinfection of the water cooler by means of fully replacing all its internal parts that come in contact with the water with new, disinfected ones.

The first disinfection of the water coolers should take place during the water cooler’s first installation on our site, because during its transportation and storage it has been exposed to a multitude of bacteria. Then, the disinfection procedure should be repeated every 4 months, as stipulated by the Hellenic Food Authority and European Union legislation.

RAINBOW WATERS is the only company that conforms to the legislation pertaining to the proper disinfection of water coolers. Every four months, the company’s specialised technical personnel visit the site where the water cooler is installed and replace all of the cooler’s internal parts that come into contact with the water (small tubes, taps, storage container) with new and disinfected ones, in accordance with the requirements of Proper Hygienic Practice of the Hellenic Food Authority (using sterile medical gloves, work uniforms, health boooklet).

Thus, RAINBOW WATERS is in a position to ensure that the water coming from its water coolers is perfectly fresh, as it was during its bottling procedure.

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