RAINBOW WATERS against disposable plastic earns distinction

RAINBOW WATERS against disposable plastic earns distinction

For 20 years, RAINBOW WATERS, relying on its customers’ invaluable assistance has reserved 7,000 tons of plastic, thanks to its returnable 18.9lt water bottles of its water coolers.

The company has bottled 390,000,000lt of water to date. If this volume of water had been bottled in disposable pet 10lt bottles, it would have had an imprint of 39,000,000 ten-litre pet bottles on Greece. Alternatively, there would have been 780,000,000 water bottles of a capacity of 500ml produced, which are the equivalent of 4,000,000 trees required to absorb the carbon dioxide emitted!

In order to spread the message of cutting down on plastic, RAINBOW WATERS has decided to develop a campaign for its reuse, sporting the trademark of the sea-turtle, which is an animal directly affected by disposable plastic.

The campaign message is:

No more plastic waste, choose returnable bottles.

The campaign stood out compared to others launched by other top companies of the water cooler industry in Europe, awarding RAINBOW WATERS with the second place for the category of Best Marketing Campaign at the European Aqua Awards 2019, held in Berlin.

This has been the only Greek distinction by this institution that has been running for 20 years now, and aims at the acknowledgment and recognition of best practices in innovation and communication in the watercooler industry.

See more about water cooler returnable bottles by RAINBOW WATERS https://www.rainbowwaters.gr/gr/el/content/gia-to-perivallon?nid=47