DIONI water, in the 5 finest bottled waters of the world!

DIONI water, in the 5 finest bottled waters of the world!

The water that springs from and is bottled in a Protected Region of the mountains of Epirus is at the top of the world! 

Every year, the worldwide water elite convenes at Berkeley Springs, USA, to participate in the grandest global Water Tasting Competition, in which the globe’s finest mineral waters are presented with an award (Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting). In this year’s “Water Olympics”, as they are also called, more than 100 mineral waters were assessed by 12 certified specialist judges. DIONI by RAINBOW WATERS was the only water of Greek origin that received an award, rising up to 5th place of all bottled mineral waters in the world! 

A few days later, DIONI also received the highest distinction of the “Grand Gold Quality Award” from the International Quality organisationMonde Selection”, which is awarded to products receiving an assessment score between 90% - 100%! Approximately 3,000 products from 89 countries were tasted by the independent tasting committee and were assessed on the basis of the most stringent worldwide criteria. DIONI impressed the judges with its superior quality for the third consecutive year. 

Its superior quality is constantly being recognised by independent, official bodies, testament to it being one of the world’s top water products.