Water Flavored with Fruit

Water Flavored with Fruit

Fruits, vegetables, herbs and cool water are the ingredients of the most aromatic and detoxifying cocktail that quenches our thirst on hot summer days. Very easily, quickly and affordably, we can make a natural, light and healthy cocktail and enjoy it with our loved ones!


  1. We choose our favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs which will also give their valuable ingredients to the water.
  2. We choose perfectly clean and healthy water which will be the basis of our cocktail. The lighter and more balanced the taste of water, the better our water-cocktail will taste. The most suitable for the water-cocktail is the filteredor bottled waterbecause it contains no chlorine or other micro particles that will affect its taste.

Water-Cocktail Recipes

After we get our favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs, we slice them and put them in a jug or jar. Squeeze the ingredients lightly with a spoon or pestle to release their juices. Then add plenty of ice cubes (about half the container) and cold water until the container is full. Leave in the fridge for at least one hour so that the water takes on the flavors and aromas of the ingredients. 

Tip: The container is recommended to have a lid to “lock in” the aromas and flavors of the ingredientsWater Flavored with Fruit1

Ideally, the water-cocktail should be consumed within 24 hours, as it loses its nutrients over a longer period of time. However, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Let your imagination run wild, experiment and create your own (unique) cocktails!

Some ideas for flavor combinations…

Water Flavored with Fruit2

    • Watermelon, rosemary
    • Orange, fresh vanilla stick
    • Strawberries, lemon, basil
    • Cherry, lime
    • Apple, cinnamon
    • Tomato, basil
    • Cucumber, lemon, orange, mint
    • Orange, fennel
    • Melon, cucumber, lime
    • Orange, lemon, lime, mint
    • Strawberry, cucumber
    • Pineapple, mint, ginger
    • Kiwi, cucumber
    • Lemon, lavender
    • Pineapple, mango

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