Water and dehydration

Water and dehydration

Dehydration is the condition caused by lack of water. Losing more than 3% of our body water leads to dehydration, while losing 20% ​​can be fatal. 

In its mild form, the body gives us signals through thirst that we must definitely drink water. If this mild condition is not corrected, then the mouth becomes dry, the skin reddens and there is intense fatigue. 

In very severe cases of dehydration, blood pressure drops dangerously and not enough blood circulates in the organs of the body, which could even lead to death!

The factors that can cause dehydration are the following:

  • The weatherThe hotter and more humid the weather, the greater the risk of dehydration. In such weather conditions, we must avoid exercise and drink plenty of water!
  • AgeThe older a person is, the harder it is for their body to retain the normal amount of water it needs. For example, older people lose more water through urine and, at the same time, do not feel so intensely thirsty so as to drink more water daily, even before they are thirsty.
  • MedicationsThere are some medications that cause water loss.