Myths and Truths about Water

Myths and Truths about Water

WATER: the most valuable asset for man, a vital element as it contributes to the proper functioning of the body. It is necessary for the proper regulation of the internal temperature of the body, the absorption of nutrients, digestion, elimination of toxins and lubrication of all tissues of the body, from the lungs to the eyes.

Let's look at the various myths around water…

Water is slimming – TRUE!

Even mild dehydration can reduce the rate of our metabolism. That's why proper hydration and detoxification by consuming 8-10 glasses of water a day is important. In addition, water is the best, natural and healthy choice to reduce the daily calories we take in. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Americans get 1/3 of their daily calories from sugary drinks; by consuming water, they can reduce them by up to 700 calories/day.

Acidic water at room temperature quenches thirst best – TRUE!

It has been found that what quenches thirst best is acidic water, that is with a little lemon juice added. In fact, if consumed at room temperature, then the effect lasts longer. Acidic water quenches thirst best because it both fights the sweet or salty taste by which thirst arises, and because it balances the pH levels that have been disturbed due to the loss of internal fluids.

When we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated – TRUE!

Indeed, our body is slightly dehydrated when it senses the feeling of thirst! Just think that a dehydration rate of just 2% makes it difficult for our body to regulate its internal temperature.

Man can only last one day without water – MYTH!

No, one can last from two to four days. It is worth noting, however, that a water loss equal to 10% of a person's weight can cause extreme weakness, as this lack reduces total blood volume, causing less blood to go to the heart and therefore limited oxygenation of the body with severe muscular and neurological consequences. A 5% dehydration causes cramps, fatigue and irritability; when it reaches 7%, it can even cause hallucinations.

Water can help with low blood pressure – TRUE!

A study recently published in the scientific journal “Hypertension” found that water can reduce the risk of fainting in people with hypotension and increase their alertness and concentration. This is because it stimulates the nervous system, which is responsible for basic functions such as digestion, respiration and heartbeat.

The color of urine is a sign of possible dehydration – TRUE!

If a person does not drink plenty of water during the day, then his/her urine is little and dark. This is because our body, to avoid further loss of fluids, produces more concentrated urine.

In the winter, we don't need to drink water – MYTH!

We know that cold in winter deceives and you don't feel as thirsty as in the summer, but this does not mean that you have to drink less water, nor that you have to wait to get thirsty to drink some liquid. If you want a feeling of well-being & rejuvenation every day of the year, you should not neglect the proper hydration of your body, even in the winter.

Mild dehydration affects our mood – TRUE!

Studies by the University of Connecticut, USA, have shown that mild dehydration negatively affects mood and causes an inability to focus in men and women. Inadequate water intake can negatively affect our mental functions, since our brain cells are deprived of an essential substance for performing their vital functions, as well as of a "carrier" of substances critical to the proper functioning of the nervous system. Water helps carry water-soluble substances throughout the body, necessary for the proper functioning of the brain. The result of this lack is an adverse effect on our mood, an inability to concentrate, but also a feeling of fatigue.

Water is essential for those who exercise – TRUE!

Muscles, wherever they may be in the body, are comprised of 80% water. This means that even a small change of 1% in the total water of our body, can damage our exercise and performance and also affect our recovery. In fact, according to a German study, protein synthesis happens to a greater extent in muscle cells that are more hydrated, so your hydration plays an important role in the speed at which your body uses protein to build muscles.

How we consume water is of no importance – MYTH!

We all feel the need to drink water and know its beneficial properties. However, it does not help to drink many glasses at once. We can maximize its effectiveness for our body by consuming it throughout the day! Start your day with two glasses of water, they help activate our internal organs. A glass of water half an hour before each meal helps digestion and alleviates hunger, while a glass of water before a bath helps lower blood pressure. Finally, do not forget to drink a glass of water before going to bed, it is recommended for avoiding a stroke or heart attack.


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