Is it true that coffee boosts productivity at work?

Is it true that coffee boosts productivity at work?

Let’s find out some facts about the "status" of coffee in our office!

If you’re wondering if the feeling that coffee wakes you up is scientifically proven or just your idea, find out that, according to research by the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, caffeine actually enhances mental clarity, memory, concentration, perception, orientation and use of logic. 
At the same time, it reduces the possibility of mistakes and accidents at work, especially when working the night shift. Finally, another important positive effect of coffee, according to research from the University of Northern California, is that caffeine intake enhances our self-control and determination when we feel exhausted. 

These were the most important benefits of coffee consumption when working. However, when we drink our coffee during a break with our colleagues, the benefits are even greater! 

Is it true that coffee boosts productivity at work?

A study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that group coffee breaks with colleagues further boost our productivity, and according to a study by Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu (Ph.D., Baylor University’s Hankamer School of Business), when workers do something they enjoy during their break, such as drinking their favorite coffee, this also enhances job satisfaction. 

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