Enjoy water safely!

Enjoy water safely!

At Rainbow Waters, we love water! This is why we want to enjoy it safely… both the water we drink and the sea water which gives us unique carefree moments and a feeling of freedom in the summer. To achieve the former, for 16 years we have been making sure to provide you with perfectly clean water through our products. For the latter, we have asked for the contribution of the Safe Water Sports association to be informed about what to watch out for before, during and after taking part in water sports.

Enjoy water safely!1Enjoy water safely!2

In summer we enjoy the water element to the fullest, combining the relaxation of the seaside with the adrenaline of water sports. In every corner of Greece, the multiple options for sports activities at sea in combination with the amazing natural landscape, challenge us to face our limits and outdo ourselves.

However, are we sufficiently informed about the safety of water sports?

It is estimated that 50,000 European citizens are injured each year participating in water sports and boating activities. Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children up to 18 years of age. Defective equipment, extremely dangerous conditions, misbehavior of users are the main causes of accidents in water sports.

Let’s take a few minutes to read the Bulletin of safety for the protection of those active in rental of marine means of recreation as compiled by theSafe Water Sports association in collaboration with theCoast Guard.

Read the Bulletin here

A few words about Safe Water Sports

The social non-profit initiative Safe Water Sports mainly aims to systematically inform and raise awareness on issues related to the activities (sports and recreation) in water, with special focus on safety and accident prevention. It is an innovative initiative that starts on a voluntary basis, and for the first time so organized around the world, with the main aim to become a reference point and a basic information tool in Greece for water activities and safety.

Visit www.safewatersports.gr to find information about water sports schools, the basic safety rules for each sport, as well as relevant useful information (useful phones, weather conditions, etc.).

Rainbow Waters supports the great work of Safe Water Sports for the carefree enjoyment of water!

Enjoy water safely!3