10 tips to drink more water

10 tips to drink more water

If we consider that the human body is made up of about 60% water, we can easily realise that when we deprive our body of the necessary water intake, we negatively affect the function of almost all organs of the body.

By adopting the following simple habits, you increase your daily water intake and generously give your body the multiple benefits of “liquid gold”:

  1. Eat morefresh fruits and vegetables that are high in water content (e.g. watermelon, melon, grape, tomato, cucumber, celery). Note that 20% of our daily water intake is obtained through food. 
  2. Stimulate your thirst by adding spices to your meals. This will help you not only consume more water to quench your thirst, but the spices will also boost your metabolism.
  3. Make the water taste more interesting by adding pieces of citrus fruits or mint leaves.
  4. At work, always make sure you have a full glass of water by your side. The glass will act as a "reminder" and the water consumption will become automatic. After all, do not forget that proper hydration at work helps you cope mentally and physically with the demands of the day. 
  5. Provide a water cooleror a water bottle pump at your office space so as not to have to visit the kitchen to quench your thirst (procrastination will lead to less water consumption).
  6. Water is your ally in your quest to lose weight. A glass of water 30 minutes before each meal will reduce your desire for a large amount of food. Similarly, between meals, "trick" your desire for a snack with a glass of cool water.
  7. Make sure you drink water during and after your night out, which not only helps eliminate hangover symptoms, but also treats dehydration caused by alcohol.
  8. Include a glass of water in your daily morning routine before consuming any other beverage or food. Drinking water in the morning offers more benefits to the body than consuming it the rest of the day.
  9. Make sure you always have a bottle of freshly filtered water with you
  10. “WaterBreak!”: Set a reminderon your mobile phone or calendar.

Also remember:

-       We should drink water before feeling thirsty. When we feel thirsty, this means that our body is already dehydrated. The feeling of thirst is an "alarm" of the body for immediate hydration.

-       It is not enough to consume more water. We need to make sure that the water we supply our body with is perfectly clean and healthy. The installation of a  certified water filter on our tap or the installation of a water cooler designed with strict hygienic standards in our space (home, office, camping, cottage) will ensure abundant clean water necessary for our health