1. Which is best, the water filter under the sink or the filter with a faucet?

    There is no reason to have a faucet on your bench that will take up space and reduce your water flow, when water filters under the sink have clean water for all uses (essentially forgetting that there is filter, since it is hidden).

    Under sink water filters do not take up space, they do not reduce water flow and offer us clean water for all the kitchen’s functions.

  2. Why should I change the water filter every 6 months?

    The filters have a limited amount of carbon. Carbon, by manufacture, is activated with the first drop of water that passes through the interior of the filter, and over 6 months this filtration deteriorates.

    It should be noted that the water filter should be changed in a shorter period of time (<6 months) where the mains water supply in the area is compromised quality. 

  3. Why the filter doesn’t have UV radiation?

    When water is deemed appropriate - drinkable by the Municipal Corporation, it is chlorinated and microbiologically safe. We are then sure that is does not have bacteria, so the radiation is unnecessary. 

  4. Why should I choose water filter from Rainbow Waters®?

    Because Rainbow Waters®:

    - is the only company in Greece that provides the leading TM Home water filters

    • specialises in water-related products and services, ensuring high standards of safety and hygiene to its customers.recommends the most suitable product according to the needs of your site
    • continues to care for you throughout the course of cooperation (continuous technical support, prompt service, after sales service)
    • provides the filter head system free of charge for the duration of the collaboration
    • promptly reminds of the filter replacement appointment and provides a free-of-charge technical visit every 6 months for its replacement 
  5. Why should I install a filter and which filter is the right choice for me?

    City mains water supply has two major problems. Chlorine & the sediments that suspend in the piping and have serious consequences for our health.

    Guided by a reliable supplier who understands the issues affecting our water, can lead to the correct choice of filter or water treatment system.