Keeping a personal data file

With this announcement, we inform: 1) customers, suppliers, partners, consumers and 2) employees, officers, pensioners, as well as candidates for selection and recruitment by our company, that we keep non-sensitive personal data file and process such data.


1.    Processing Objectives


1.1 With respect to customers, suppliers and consumers: the personal data processing objectives include the maintenance of a customer and suppliers’ file, the promotion of products and services (Marketing), statistical scientific market research, public relations and other auxiliary functions and the management of consumer complaints. To achieve these objectives, we collect and process non-sensitive personal data from our customers, consumers and in particular those who submit grievances or complaints, principals and trustees, partners and consultants, suppliers and participants in market researches, polls and contests. The non-sensitive personal data that we collect and process is data related to identification particulars (personal data) and data relating to the goods and services offered by the individual. The above personal data is disclosed by the individuals themselves, either in order to render the service and/or information by our company possible, or to participate in promotions and contests organised by our company.


1.2 With regard to employees, officers and the company’s associates, the above processing is performed exclusively to service, support and monitor the employment or work contract, or any other collaboration of any legal form that exists between the parties and the company and for the purpose of meeting all contractual and other legal obligations arising from this contractual relationship, and the general labour and social insurance legislation, and for the purpose the protecting the company’s interests and rights. Non-sensitive personal data that we collect and process is data related to identification particulars (personal data, identity card details), their family status (marital life and marital status), their education (professional specialisation). These data are disclosed by the interested parties themselves or derived from publicly accessible directories and guides, exhibition catalogues, professions, companies, brochures etc.


1.3 With regard to candidates for selection and recruitment by the company, the processing concerns only the personal data that it submitted to the company by the individuals themselves and is done only for the purpose for selecting candidates for recruitment of officers or employees by the company.


1.4 With regard to pensioners, such processing is done only for the purpose of facilitating the payment of pensions and other insurance benefits from the competent organisations to public bodies or private law.


2.    Recipients


2.1 We act on our own in processing personal data that we collect and never disclose, or communicate, or announce these to third parties, nor do we sell personal data.


2.2 We do not process sensitive personal data.


2.3 Personal data is only processed by our selected officers, which have been duly informed of their legal obligations and the prevailing code of ethics and only they have access to personal databases.


2.4 For data concerning remuneration payments, insurance, pension or related benefits or rights and participation in personnel group insurance programs: The relevant public or private financial and insurance institutions, with or without legal personality and their legal successors.


2.5 For data that the company is entitled or obliged to disclose by law or judicial decision: Public services and authorities, Social Security Funds, Judicial Authorities, Unions and Associations of workers, civil servants and third parties.


2.6 For all data: the Greek State, including legal entities under public entities, bank transaction systems and information files aimed at protecting transactions, the company’s services and all departments and the directorates.


3.    Controller

LOGISTICS GOODS CONSUMER COMPANY LIMITED located in the Municipality of Acharnes (Menidi) Attica at 63 Tatoiou Avenue, tel .: 210 8000488.

4.    Controller’s Representative

The company officer that is responsible for privacy issues is Ms. Anna Maria Nomikou

tel .: 210 8000488, fax: 210 8003362, e-mail:

5.    Special Telephone Conversation File

Our company keeps a special file which contains telephone conversations between our customers and staff in the Sales and Order Department. The purpose of this record is to monitor the company’s trade relations with each customer and specifically to collect evidence for each order and sales support. These records are kept for the time that is required to fulfil the processing purposes in accordance with the applicable provisions of Law 2472/1997 and 3471/2006 and the relevant decisions of the Data Protection Authority.

6.    Rights to information, access and objection

Under current legislation any interested party is entitled to know whether personal data relating to him is or has been processed, be informed of the contents of the archived file with all retained personal data concerning him and their origin, the purpose of the processing, data that is periodically added or removed from the file and the rationale behind any automated processing, if and when one exists (right to information Article 11 Law 2472/1997 and the right of access Article 12 Law 2472/1997, as in force). The right of access is exercised when the interested party submits a written request addressed to our company and our aforementioned representative, which will clearly state the interested party’s particulars and it will specify how the interested party believes that our company has collected and processes his personal data. Every person has the right to raise any legal objections to the processing of data that concern him (right of objection no. 13 Law 2472/1997, as in force).

For any information concerning the processing of your personal data by our company, and in case you want to exercise the rights stated above, in accordance with the requirements of the law, you can contact our company and specifically Ms. Anna Maria Nomikou. tel.: 210 8000488, fax: 210 8003362, e-mail: