100% Greek product, 100% Greek name.

According to mythology Dioni was deity that was worshipped in the Oracle of ancient Dodoni located close to our spring.


The spring

DIONI water springs is located in Dodoni, Ioannina in Epirus at an altitude of 750 metres in an unspoilt and green area of Mt. Tomaros, away from settlements and without any other livestock, agricultural, or industrial activity in the region. This area is rich in surface and underground waters.

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The DIONI water bottling facilities are located on privately-owned land that extends across 38,000 sq. metres and on it there are building facilities that span across 2,500 sq. measures. At the center of this area, the spring can be found protected by aboveground and underground elements.

The bottling process

DIONI water is bottled directly at the spring. The bottling facilities are among the most modern in Europe. From the inlet, the water is led through stainless steel pipes to ultra-modern bottling machinery, located next to the spring. At the critical stages of bottle disinfection, filling with water and capping, the bottling process is fully automated, with no human intervention.

Each stage of the production process is strictly controlled and this is ensured through the multitude of quality controls. Specifically, we perform 420 quality controls every eight hours: at the bottling network, the spring water, the packing materials and the finished product.

All these controls are carried out inside our factory, in the fully equipped and well-staffed chemistry and microbiology laboratory. The product’s high quality is certified by numerous chemical and microbiological analyses in accredited laboratories in Greece, such as the Department of Public Health of the University of Ioannina Medical School and the Institute of Geology & Mineral Exploration (IGME).

The controls and procedures that are followed, ensure that DIONI water will reach the consumer within a few hours, keeping the same composition and purity as at the spring.


One of the 5 best waters in the world | Global quality and taste awards 

DIONI water ranked 5th place in "Best Bottled Water 2018" (28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting) and is constantly awarded for its quality and taste (Gold Awards for its Quality & the Superior Taste Award.).

The qualitative superiority of DIONI water is continuously recognized and certified by independent, official organizations at Greek, European and Global level, denoting it as Superior Water.

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The composition of DIONI Water

DIONI bottled water is a well-balanced, digestible water that has a low salt content thus it is suitable for a low-sodium diet. The area’s lithological environment and geological bedrock give the water the specific content of ions and trace elements to form a balanced taste.

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The bottling processes are certified by the independent body Bureu Veritas, according to ELOT EN ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 standards.

In full implementation of its Work Safety and Environmental Protection policy, Rainbow Waters® also implements a certified Occupational Safety Management System according to OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

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