For the Individual

Corporate Social Responsibility of Rainbow Waters®

Rainbow Waters® multifaceted social contribution focuses on strengthening the work of charitable organisations vulnerable social groups, cultural and sports associations, NGOs, local and other organizations both in the medium and long term.

Thus, we contribute in various ways towards actions that contribute in strengthening of the well-being of our fellow citizens in areas such as social solidarity, health, culture, environment, sports, education, especially when the end recipients of these actions are the children.


For the society…

Rainbow Waters® offers watercoolers and Dioni water for the following associations:

·                     The smile of the child

·                     Social Soup Kitchen Structure of the City of Athens

·                     KETHEA (Therapy Centre for Dependant Individuals)

·                     Dose Elpida (Give Hope)

·                     Kalymnos Library


It also supports in various ways (financially / material):

·                     The Meliggoi Residents’ Brotherhood in Ioannina and the nationwide campaign Let's do it Greece

·                     The Social Grocery of the Municipality of Alimos

·                     The Music and Gymnastics Club Ethnikos Alexandroupolis

·                     The Blood Donors, Organs Donors and Health Care Association "Kostakis Mesogitis"

·                     The Athletic - Cultural Association "Pygmi"

·                     The University of Ioannina Research Committee

·                     The Michael S. Polemis Foundation

·                     The Centro Cultural Capoeiragem

·                     The Hellenic Cancer Society

·                     “Chara” the Center for Special People

·                     "e-Themis" the Union of Greek Lawyers

·                     The embellishment association "Almyres" of Megara

·                     The Elefsina Love Centre

·                     The National Federation of Private Childcare Centres

·                     The Social Grocery of the Municipality of Nea Makri

·                     The Greek Guiding Association

·                     Goethe Institute


For employees ...

·                     We created and maintain a safe workplace, which is confirmed by the presence of an occupational physician and safety technician on the company’s premises.

·                     We implement lifelong learning programs and strengthen our employees’ skills with continuous inter-company training and seminars by external consultants.

·                     We have banned smoking in all workplaces: following the conclusions of the World Health Organization that smoking kills one in ten adults and is the 2nd cause of premature deaths.

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