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  • For home, office and professional use

  • Different ice sizes for each drink, cocktail, coffee or beverage 

  • We bring the ice maker to your premises. You just plug it in, add water and choose the size of ice you want. The first ice cubes are ready in 9 minutes! 

  • Free delivery to your premises (within the RAINBOW WATERS distribution network)

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• Production of up to 15 kg of ice a day. (450kg per month)

• Modern design that fits in every space.

• Silent mode.

• Electronic control via LED display. Automatic notification when the container is full of ice or the water level is low.

• Energy saving and auto-close function.

• Ice size selection (S, M, L)

• Transparent glass to monitor the ice making process.

• Dimensions: 29.7cm X 36.2cm X 37.8cm

• Capacity: 3.2lt water / 1kg of ice

• Rated input power: 185W

• Power: 220 ~ 240V / 50Hz

• Coolant: R600a / 29g

• Net weight: 10kg

• Certification: CE

• Type of protection: Ι

• Fractional type: SN / N / ST / T

• Ice production electricity: 0.7A

• Ice collection electricity: 1.0A

• Payment is made by credit card only

• Free replacement in case of damage

• Free delivery at your premises (exclusively within the RAINBOW WATERS distribution network)

Cost of ice maker rent: 5,10 € / month

The price does not include VAT. 24%