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Shower water filter “KDF”

Shower water filter “KDF”offers you safe and clean water. It removes chlorine, organic compounds, heavy metals and fungi that may exist in water.

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• Removes chlorine by 99%, which is vital because during the shower with the use of hot water our body absorbs much more chlorine than when we drink water

• Removes any heavy metals (lead, mercury, iron, chromium)

• Removes any organic compounds such as trihalomethanes (e.g., chloroform, benzene)

• Limits the growth of fungi & algae

• Softens water

• Protects against skin irritation due to chlorine

• Helps in non-growth of bacteria

• Protects against the negative effects of chlorine on health: skin irritations, skin and hair dysfunction and hardness, insufficient hydration of the skin etc

• It has certified technology according to NSF / ANSI 42 and NSF / ANSI 61 standard

• Complies with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

• Ideal for shower due to the efficiency of its technology at high temperatures & flow rates

• Needs to be replaced according to the indicative filtering amount and not later than 4 months

Technical characteristics

Maximum pressure

7,5 bar

Filtration capability

3.785 lt


Height: 16cm, Diameter: 5cm, Weight: 180gr

Maximum duration of use

4 months

Ways of purchase:

  • Pay on delivery
  • Credit Card

Delivery cost:

4€ for all over Greece 

Price: 19€ (VAT 24% included)