No1 in Greece

Rainbow Waters® is the largest Greek watercooler and home water filter company in Greece and the third largest in Europe, with the most comprehensive distribution network and 315,000 satisfied customers since 1999.

We have earned the trust of hundreds of thousands of home and corporate customers thanks to the high quality of our products and the high standard of service.

We cover the entire country’s needs with the state-of-the-art watercoolers and we are the only company in Greece that carries out sanitization of its watercoolers. Since 1999, Rainbow Waters® has placed all its efforts on educating the consumer about the importance of the water quality and on how the watercooler must be serviced. This is because with the watercooler’s sanitization we can be sure that the quality of the water that falls into the glass is the same as that quality in the water bottle.

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The largest and most comprehensive distribution network

We service all over Greece with the largest distribution network .