The most advanced Sanitization

There are number of alternative watercooler sanitization/disinfection methods e.g. chemical cleaning, ozonation, UV light, steam. However, none of these provide 100% disinfection, because there will always be spots which favor rapid bacterial growth if all the watercooler parts that come into contact with water are not replaced. Moreover, in the case of watercoolers that use a UV lamp for their antibacterial protection, many times this particular bulb burns out resulting in the cooler not having any antibacterial protection.

In the case of the Ebac bottled water cooler, all the parts that come into contact with the water are completely replaced (water container, tubes, taps) with new ones that are manufactured in a sterile environment. Every 4 months, technicians from Rainbow Waters visit the location of the watercooler and with the highest standards of hygiene (work uniforms, sterile medical gloves, sickness booklet) replace all its interior parts. It is the only way we can be sure that the cooler has been disinfected 100% every time..

Regular sanitization of watercoolers is a national and a European requirement. According to the EFET regulations (see. Guide to Good Hygiene Practice for bottled water for use in water coolers), the watercoolers distributor must sanitise and disinfect the watercooler, since the absence of chlorine in bottled water makes it susceptible. Moreover, according to the Watercoolers Europe (WE), the only body that legislates this industry, all bottled watercoolers must undergo sanitization every 4 months.