The Best Service

Individualized approach

Once you contact us, one of our specialized partners will help you choose the appropriate clean water solution according to your needs.

Free provision of watercooler and water filter head

The watercoolers and the water filter heads are supplied free of charge throughout the course of our collaboration.

Free shipment and installation

Our distributors deliver the product you have chosen to your site free of charge; they install it and explain its operation to you in detail.

After sales service

Our team of professionals is always by your side, throughout our collaboration in order to meet all your needs.

Our people are always willing to assist you with anything you need, driven by the prompt response to your request.

Strict scheduling for regular supply

Our highly trained staff, by way of an algorithm, calculates your water needs, so you are never thirsty!

We set specific delivery days, so you know when you will receive your order. Our orders department will you call one day before to take your order.

Committed to proper scheduling for a regular supply, you will rest assured that you will never run out of water.

Reminder and free sanitization works

In order to always drink clean and healthy water, every 4 months we replace all parts of the cooler that come into contact with water with new ones (sanitization). In the case of water filters, we replace the filter every 6 months.

We call you in order to arrange our appointment and we fulfill the work free of charge.

Discounts and special customer privileges

Water filter customers that introduce a new customer to our company, will receive a 50% discount off their next water filter purchase

Read more about introducing a new customer

Moreover, special offers and privileges are offered to our customers through the Rain Bonus program.

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