DIONI: One of the best waters in the world | Global quality and taste awards


DIONI water ranked 5th place in "Best Bottled Water 2018" (28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting) and is constantly awarded for its quality and taste (Gold Awards for its Quality & the Superior Taste Award.).

5th place in "Best Bottled Water 2018" (28th Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting) 

Every year, the world's water elite is concentrated in Berkeley Springs (USA), to participate in the largest international Water Tasting Competition (28th Annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Awards). In the 2018 “Olympics of Water”, as they are called, more than 100 waters were evaluated by 12 certified judges. DIONI was the only Greek water to be awarded, winning 5th place in the bottled waters of the world!
Grand Gold Quality Award

DIONI for three consecutive years impresses the judges of the Monde Selection with its top quality. In April 2018, it received the highest award of the "Gold Gold Quality Award", awarded to products with a rating of between 90% and 100%!

The organization has been founded in order to test consumer goods with objective evaluations, since 1961. Each year, approximately 3,000 products from 82 countries are tested by an independent committee of professionals and specialists (professors, chemical engineering, etc.) and evaluated according to the highest quality standards. 
Superior Taste Award

The International Taste and Quality Institute "iTQi" is a leading organization that occupies with the testing and promotion of food and beverage products with superior quality characteristics and taste. Through sensory analysis and quality assessment, DIONI water’s excellence has been repeatedly recognized and rewarded.

The qualitative superiority of DIONI water is continuously recognized and certified by independent, official organizations at Greek, European and Global level, denoting it as Superior Water.