Strict Storage & Distribution Standards

How is the quality of the storage and distribution of bottled water and watercoolers ensured?

Each company that distributes bottled water for watercoolers must hold a legal Operating License for the storage and distribution of bottled water, as well as the sanitization and distribution of watercoolers. The bottling plant’s Operating Licence does not suffice. The same applies to all quality certificates.

At Rainbow Waters®, the transport, storage and distribution of bottled water from the bottling plant to the local storage areas and ultimately to your site, is in compliance with all international and Greek legislative requirements and EFET directives. The Dioni water bottles are always transported in closed trucks-vehicle

(approved for water transfer) and are always stored in approved, closed health-regulated warehouses. Distributors that deliver the water to you belong to the permanent staff of Rainbow Waters®, they are constantly trained and they all have a health booklet.

Relevant standards apply for the sanitization, storage and transportation of watercoolers. For example, coolers are serviced and stored in specially designated areas. We monitor each cooler via its serial number, to ensure its smooth operation and to ensure that it is always sanitised. So you always enjoy healthy water. In addition, our software allows us to estimate your bottled water needs, and with a fleet of over 85 vehicles we can promptly supply you.

We analysed all the possible points and risks during transportation, storage and distribution of the bottled water (HACCP study) and the watercoolers, and we can offer certified assurance of the quality during every process.

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