BOTTLED WATER Bottled Water Coolers

Rainbow Waters® bottled watercoolers are of English technology and combine high quality standards with excellent design. They can be placed anywhere in the room as long as there is a socket and their power consumption is minimal.

Rainbow Waters® strictly observes the guidelines laid down by the European Bottled Watercooler Association (EBWA). Driven by the consumer’s safety, bottled watercoolers undergo sanitization every 4 months. In doing so, all internal water contact parts of the cooler (interior bottle, air filters, tubes, taps) are replaced with sterile new ones thereby ensuring the water’s high quality.

The Rainbow Waters® watercoolers are the only ones with Dioni water. Dioni bottled water originates in an unspoilt and green area in ​​Dodoni, Ioannina at an altitude of 750m and is subjected to 420 quality controls every 8 hours.

Having certified all the water and watercooler management processes from the spring to the sanitization of the watercoolers, Rainbow Waters®is able to guarantee that Dioni water preserves its quality and composition from the spring to your glass.

Rainbow Waters® watercoolers are provided to you FREE OF CHARGE throughout the duration of our collaboration.

  • EBAC FMAX Bottled Watercooler

    The revolution in watercooler technology
    • Made in England by EBAC Watercoolers

    • It meets all EU health and safety standards 

    • Designed based on sanitization

    • Low power consumption

      30 times more efficient

    • Ergonomic design

      Easy installation and transportation 

    • The cooler that has sold over 500,000 units in Europe

    • The unit with the highest sales in Europe 

    • Made in the UK by EBAC ltd

    • It meets all EU health and safety standards 

    • Ergonomic Design