FILTERED WATER Point-of-use Watercoolers

The most economical solution for unlimited clean and cool water

Rainbow Waters® point-of-use water coolers are the ideal solution for those who prefer water from the mains water supply. Tap water is filtered by NSF-certified 3MTM home water filters, which remove the taste and odour of chlorine, retain dirt, rust and hazardous microparticles, and are placed inside the cooler. The filtered water reaches your glass either hot or cold and you enjoy perfectly clean and healthy water, economically and without limitation.

Rainbow Waters® point-of-use watercoolers are of English technology and combine high quality standards with excellent design. They can be placed anywhere in the room as long as there is a socket and mains water supply with drinkable water while they also have very low power consumption.


Direct Dispense System

The Ebac watercoolers are the only point-of-use watercoolers that feature the "Direct Dispense" system. With this system, the tap water is filtered immediately before being poured into the glass and is not stored filtered.

How do I benefit if the water is not stored filtered?

With ordinary point-of-use watercoolers, water is filtered once it enters the cooler. In this way, non-chlorinated water remains in the cooler’s water storage tank making it susceptible to bacterial contamination.

In the case of Ebac point-of-use watercoolers, the water that enters the cooler is not filtered. Thus, the chlorine is maintained and is not susceptible to bacterial contamination. Once we press the dispenser lever to fill the glass, the water passes through the filter which removes the chlorine just as the water pours into the glass.


Filters for Rainbow Waters® point-of-use water coolers

The Rainbow Waters® point-of-use water coolers have top quality, 3M-technology water filters, tested according to NSF standards: NSF/ANSI 42, for chlorine taste and odour removal and NSF/ANSI 53, for removal of cysts. They are silver-containing activated carbon filters. The filters are impregnated with silver to inhibit the growth of the biofilm and bacteria. They meet quality assurance criteria, they have a capacity of 5,000 litres and are replaced with new ones every 6 months.


Rainbow Waters® watercoolers are provided to you FREE OF CHARGE throughout the duration of the collaboration.