FILTERED WATER Home Water Filters

The benefits of water are known to us all. However, drinking water is not always clean. It smells, it has chlorine, rust, suspended particles, which burden and disturb our body.

In order to address the problems of drinking water, various water purification systems have been developed.

The benefits of water filters over other water treatment methods, have made them the most effective water purification solution.

However, there are many types of water filters in the market, thus confusing consumers. Before we proceed to choosing a water filter, we must consider some basic water filter selection criteria.


Why should I choose water filter from Rainbow Waters®?

Rainbow Waters® is the largest and most specialised company in the field of home water filters in Greece. Using latest generation water filters, certified from both European and US organisations, it ensures excellent quality and efficiency. The well-trained staff of Rainbow Waters® is able to suggest what really suits the needs of any interested party, providing immediate service and free advice for the choice of the right water filter. With its extensive experience in the field, it has in-depth knowledge of the consumer’s requirements and is able to offer solutions tailored to the respective needs. Once you select the water filter, Rainbow Waters® installs it at your home and replaces it every 6 months, for free!