Ψύκτης Νερού Δικτύου Ebac Fleet

EBAC Fleet Point-of-use Watercooler with 3M Filters

Unlimited crystal clear water: economical, ecological and easy

  • Totally clean water, since it features the Direct Dispense System
  • It features 3M Cuno technology water filters for the 5 micron particle filtration
  • Made in England by EBAC Watercoolers
  • It meets all EU safety standards
  • Reliable transportation and installation of the watercoolers
  • Every 6 months, we call you to remind you of the appointment for the cooler’s filter change
  • No filter replacement labour charge
  • Continuous technical support and prompt service
  • Customer loyalty programme

Height 1125 mm. x Width 365 mm. x Depth 350 mm.

No bottles

Limitless clean water

Ergonomic design

Easy installation

Ψύκτης νερού χωρίς φιάλες από τη RAINBOW WATERS

Ψύκτης νερού χωρίς φιάλες από τη RAINBOW WATERS

Excellent water quality

The cooler’s certified water filters remove the taste and odour of chlorine, as well as any sediments contained in the water. Contrary to common coolers, the water is filtered right before it is dispensed into your cup.

More affordable…

Fixed cost for limitless consumption of water.


One visit and one invoice every 6 months. Save time and effort in your water orders. You will never be left without water. No storage needed for bottles. No need to replace a bottle every time it runs out of water.


No plastic bottles. No trips to get supplies.


You drink clean water

It features the DIRECT DISPENSE system (direct production), which can only be found in this cooler. With this system, the mains water is filtered just before the final production point (tap), contrary to all other watercoolers where the water is filtered before entering the watercooler, thereby increasing the chances of microbial growth and bacteria in the water that is stored in the cooling tank. Contrary to common watercoolers, with the Fleet cooler water loses its antibacterial protection (i.e. chlorine) just before you drink it.

The cooler’s sanitization is included in the filter replacement

Every 6 months, we visit your site free of charge to replace the filter. Thanks to the cooler’s innovative design, the filter replacement entails the sanitization of the cooler, since the filter itself is the nozzle that dispenses the water into the glass.

Safe filtration

The 3M CUNO watercooler filters are produced by 3M, the world's leading American company. They retain particles measuring up to 5 microns, having antimicrobial activity and a maximum life span of 6 months. They meet the NSF Standards (USA National Sanitization Foundation - US National Institute of Hygiene) namely: standard 42, chlorine taste and odour removal and standard 53, removal of cysts and retention of harmful substances. Furthermore, filters meet all the conditions laid down for drinking watercoolers by EPDWA (European Point-of-use Drinking Water Association, European Organisation Chiller Drinking Water Faucet).

30 times more efficient

The water cooler can deliver up to 14 consecutive cups of cold water, unlike common watercoolers that deliver up to 6 consecutive cups of cold water.

Low power consumption

The water cooler’s boiler consumes a mere 10.95 kWh / year at a cost of €1.62, while all other cooler types consume 365 kWh / year at a cost of €54.01. Thus, there are energy savings of 97%.

Ergonomic design

The water dispense levers are positioned at a high level, keeping your body upright as you fill your cup. Also, there is sufficient space beneath the taps to place and fill a bottle or a jug.

Duplex dispense nozzles

Only EBAC watercoolers have duplex dispense nozzles, which prevent the consumer’s direct contact with the water dispense point, thus preventing water contamination.

Drip Tray

Drops of water that drip out of the cup as it is being filled are collected in a special drip tray. When the it fills with water, a red indicator indicates that we must empty it.


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